The choir is a community gospel choir, made up of people over 18 and under 100 from all walks of life and backgrounds with different musical ability. There is no requirement to read music nor do we hold auditions. The emphasis is on making music together in an enjoyable atmosphere to the best of our ability. We are enthusiastically led by Alison Cooper-White. We try to do at least one concert per term.

Here’s a video the choir made whilst rehearing at ‘virtual choir’ during the Lockdown of 2020.

Musical Director – Alison Cooper-White

Alison Cooper-White is Head of Music at Churchill Academy and Musical Director of both Youthful Spirit (academy gospel choir) and Joyful Spirit. Many of the parents (and former parents) of children in Youthful Spirit are now singing in the adult choir. Alison brings a relaxed and fun attitude to directing and strives hard to produce the best possible sound from the choir.

Pianist – Andrew Tyrrell

Andrew Tyrrell is a very talented pianist & arranger of music.

The Band

We have a live band including drums and guitar.